Dr. Véronique Bellamy is the right candidate when you consider the issues facing RTD. Véronique based her policy positions based on the best available evidence. As your next RTD Director, Véronique will stand up against privatization, build our rail and strengthen RTD. The policy positions here leave no doubt as to who is the best candidate for our RTD Director position.

Building our rail

It is way past time that we built out our rail to Longmont and North Thornton. We need someone who will commit to taking sensible, rational action to build out our rail. Véronique has suggested ideas that can help build out our rail. All her opponents have committed to is trying the same failed policies that got us, and many other transit networks, in this mess. We must also revise the plan for our Northwest rail line to use electrified rail instead of diesel rail. The last thing we need is to build infrastructure which relies on fossil fuels. Véronique is the only candidate committed to fulfilling our promises to the entire District. Read more.

Ending privatization

Privatization is a serious and clear threat to RTD’s development. Time and time again, we see the negative impacts of privatization on public transit networks around the world. All the available evidence is against the failed idea of privatization. Academics and civic leaders across the world have denounced privatization. We have an obligation not only to ourselves but reverse the course of privatization. We will continue to spend more in both taxes and fares to pay for the existing rail network if we do not end privatization. As your RTD Director, Véronique will fight to end this idiotic practice of privatization. Read more.

Strengthen RTD

We can’t stop at ending the malevolent forces that eat away at RTD. Strengthening RTD to perform into the future is an important goal. We must look into new technology such as Solar Roadways and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the performance of RTD. We must also sufficiently staff RTD to be able to serve the community into the future. In the world of engineering, this is a process known as “refactoring” and RTD desperately needs to be refactored. Read more.

Candidate Forums

Watch Véronique debate her opposition.

9 August – Candidate Forum with 36 Commuting Solutions

15 September – Candidate Forum with the Metro Mayors’ Caucus

11 October – Candidate Forum with 9to5 Colorado

Note: For some reason, 9to5 Colorado has not published the video of their RTD candidate forum in its entirety. However, here are the available clips from both Judy’s and my responses (Lee Kemp was not in attendance, for reasons he has not announced yet). Clips are not available for the first two questions, the community questions or the introductions and a clip for Judy answering the question about profiling and harassment has not been posted by 9to5 Colorado. I will update this page when this changes.

How do you plan to engage community in RTD’s planning and decision process?

Should RTD prioritize choice riders or necessity riders?

How will you address concerns around profiling and harassment?

Closing statements