A Tale of Two Races, or Why I Support Bernie Sanders

An animorphs book cover titled "The Neocon" showing Margaret Thatcher turn into Hillary Clinton.My designated filing agent for the campaign and I have the same discussion every so often about why I don’t support Hillary Clinton and every time, I think I make it pretty obvious. Because I see her as a corporatist shill, someone who doesn’t go into public service to make positive change but to personally profit. Granted, most federal level politicians for the major parties are like this, I think you step on so many people once you’re playing at that level that flip flopping becomes natural to you. The sad thing is that we, as a people, are used to it. Unlike in many other democratic countries, we are stuck with a two party system here which really stifles the political dialogue, making the font of ideas stagnant. Compare this to our neighbour to the north, Canada. Usually, they have four parties that have some representation in the Canadian Parliament: the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP (New Democratic Party, Layton ftw!) and the Bloc Québécois. Sometimes, the odd Green Party member or two gets a seat, but the fact that it’s not just two people duking it out on the stage, that it’s three and in Québec, four people trying to get that MP seat in Ottawa.

Bernie Sanders has a unique message that we don’t often hear in politics. A message of support for the people, not for the corporations. He’s not from the Lee Kemp school of politics where he goes to work for a corporation and use his position in the Senate or the House to profit. Nor is he from the Judy Lubow school of politics where inaction and hypocrisy are the order of the day. Bernie Sanders is a lot like me and has made me look deep within to the point where, even though I did consider voting for Hillary in the past, I cannot do it. I will not engage in defensive voting anymore – it’s time to vote for the candidates that speak to our values.

This was part of what inspired me to run for the seat on the RTD Board. The other part was the way that Judy Lubow called supporting FasTracks, something that she ran on back in 2012, not pragmatic. She can go to the Times-Call and talk about how RTD should build the rail but when she’s in those meetings as our Director, she talks about getting decent transit service to our community as not practical. We are still paying for the rail to Longmont, but the big question is if we’re ever going to see it. I look forward to seeing her campaign website (if she ever gets it up) so I can discuss her new campaign positions.

It’s time for us to demand more from our elected officials. It’s time to vote for people who will actually serve our communities, not people with empty words and who have proven that when they have a position of power, they just toe the line. Like Bernie Sanders, I’m running because I think it’s time that we vote for someone who will actually work to make a difference. Won’t you join with me?

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